A is arrived! A soft blue-eyed furry ball that depends on us for any need and we want to give the maximum to be able to enjoy his company for many years!

The discovery of his new environment , his new family, of any other animal friends is an important step for a correct integration of your kitten in his new home and should be handled with the utmost tranquility for the well-being of your pet . Remember that your kitty has just been brought to him unknown environment : check your enthusiasm and the one of your children , handle him gently and without shouting , avoid passing it from hand to hand . Allow your friend to explore time after time the rooms of his new home , following him with discretion to avoid the hunt in a mess ! In this way you will also have the opportunity to understand what angle he could go hide in your absence.

Litter has to be placed at first ( then you will be set when the teach any new place to go for his needs ) in an easily accessible and visible to your kitten . Organizei a scratching post in rope ( essential accessory that my kittens are used to play with since the first months of life) , three bowls (preferably steel : water , dry food and wet food ) and some toys for the moments you can't stay with him. (Although to be honest, the kittens will soon get used to the rhythms of the family and in his absence, he will play his favorite sport : sleep! ) . Search anyway to welcome him home when you think you have more time to dedicate , for example in the weekend.

Our kittens live in a peaceful and family place from the first moments of life , socialize with adults and children , followed by adequate nutrition and quality after weaning. Also from weaning our babyes are accustomed using the litter box , and when you have become familiar , they also use the litter box with swinging door .
Kittens placed for adoption have FIFe pedigree , (the only one recognized by the Italian state ) , transfer of ownership , sale contract and book of vaccinations. Kittens can leave mother only after 84 days of life ( and as ANFI and FiFe rules) , vaccinated and dewormed .

Kittens may differ from each other and be more or less adequate to the breed standard . There may be kittens, pet, breeding or expo : what unites all of our babyes is the beautiful and wonderful nature typical of the Birman cat!
A kitten sold as PET should be sterilized because his cloak and / or his gloves aren' t perfect compared to the breed standard and is therefore not suitable for reproduction. A breeding cat is suitable for reproduction , although it may differ slightly from the standards of the breed. A kitten show quality is a cat that has all the characteristics of the breed standard and therefore may participate in cat shows .